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Conference Cultura del Workplace a Porte Aperte

Conference Cultura del Workplace a Porte Aperte

Universal Selecta thanks everyone who atteded the first meeting of the conferences "Cultura del Workplace a Porte Aperte" coordinated by Assufficio. Theme of these series of meetings has been Quality and Sustainability in the workplace. Among holistic approach and technical competence: first official introduction of the Level standard to the European scene, research on the Partition Documents, Activities of the Technical commission and news from the Office-design class at Politecnico di Milano. To the interesting event, with Renata Sias as moderator, took part: Marco Predari, Roberto Sanidero, Giovanni de Ponti, Michele Falcone, Remo Lucchi, Marco Fossi,Giorgio Dal Fabbro, Stefano Serra and Francesco Scullica.

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