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Salone del Mobile-Workplace 3.0 (pad 24, stand D8/D10)

Salone del Mobile-Workplace 3.0 (pad 24, stand D8/D10)

The philosophy of CHAKRA is well summarized by the evoking claim "The Inner Sound" inspired by the Buddhist religion that refers to the ability to create an harmonious “inner sound" opposed to the external noise of the world.
Creating harmony and wellness in the open space working environments or in any common environment is in fact the main purpose of CHAKRA. CHAKRA is an architectural modular system for interiors supplied in kit which allows to create, quickly and easily, bespoke oasis of privacy.
CHAKRA is a new type of prefabricated partition, covered by 5 patents; freestanding and technologically evolved, it requires no anchors on the ceiling nor on the floor.
CHAKRA defines areas of privacy and ensures ideal conditions of acoustical comfort in any collective environment and under all conditions: the noise does not prevent the concentration inside; animated meetings do not disturb the quiet outside environment
CHAKRA uses a patented assembly system which ensures simplicity and speed in the assembly and flexibility for subsequent movements, extensions or configuration changes.
Thanks to CHAKRA every undifferentiated and noisy open space can be transformed, quickly and easily, in a complex and acoustically perfect environment.
The modularity and versatility of CHAKRA allow flexible subdivisions that offer levels of privacy "tailored" for the different ways of working, needs and types of meeting.

CHAKRA Design Team
Universal Selecta (concept & engineering)
Technical Partners:
Studio AMA-Albera Monti & Associati (art direction)
Ezio Rendina-Viva Consulting (acoustic design)
Eco Contract (surface finishings)

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